Operational asset development/management

In the development of operational assets, we identify and select investments, formulate business plans and analyze profitability, and design optimal investment management approaches for investors and lenders.

After the launch of a project, we perform various tasks, such as monitoring the development process and managing the asset, and provide reports on a timely basis.

Establishment of investment funds, Construction of financial schemes

We propose optimal investment schemes and financial structures, and negotiate and coordinate with investors and lenders.

We offer various documentation services, and utilizing a network of outside experts in fields of such as law, accounting, and tax, we handle every step of the fund establishment process.

Private equity

We take equity stakes for our own account in investments we are involved in.

Operation/management of leisure infrastructure such as Ferris wheels

We operate and manage operational assets, such as Ferris wheels, in the leisure industry.

We endeavor to raise the value of these assets by performing the full range of frontline operations.
These include ensuring safe operation and delivering customer satisfaction, promoting sales, and training and managing staff.